Forehead spots

Forehead spots are typical of teenagers and are caused by a mixture of hormones and diet issues.


Here is a list of foods that you can incorporate into your diet to help you control them.  Note, this is an advisory diet, not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions. Avoid self-diagnosis or singling out ingredient, all my diets act in combination.

Eat two to three portions of these foods every day. The idea is to support your body and get your blood to clear out the spots. These foods also cool you down somewhat, reducing the redness and swelling.

Drink the teas, make some fruit shakes, enjoy yourself and get rid of these spots!!!

Print this and go shopping!

Grains: barley, millet, wheat bran (Cool the body and improve the circulation)

Vegetables: asparagus, button mushrooms, radishes, squash, watercress, celery, lettuce, marrow, courgettes, aubergines, broccoli, spinach (As well as cooling your blood, these vegetables make your body stronger)

Beans: mungbeans, soyabeans (To support the constitution)

Fruit: mango, orange, tangerine, strawberries, blueberries, avocado, mandarin, pear, kiwi (All these fruit help the digestion)

Condiments: sesame oil, soya sauce (These are moistening and softening)

Teas: chamomile, elderflower, green tea, black tea, mint, spearmint (These teas are calming, soothing, cooling and gently move the circulation)

Dealing with the spots

Use cleansers and antiseptic, dedicated cosmetics that you find in high street; they are cheap and they should give you good results.
Try not to touch, pick at, or squeeze your spots because you will end up with more.  If the spots are drying don’t pick them as you’ll get a scar.If they are annoying you, it’s best if you leave them alone and cover them with foundation.

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