Acne boils

Acne boils tend to be red, painful, sore, big, filled with liquid (pus or blood). They can appear anywhere on the face or body but often on the cheeks, the temples or the back.

This kind of acne is not age-related but more diet-related.
What you need is to cool the temperature of the blood and soften the hard lumps. You also need to move the circulation and support the body.  Add these ingredients often to what you already eat. You can combine this diet with the weight  control diet ( which in this case is not related to weight but to how your body processes fats and liquids.
This is an advisory site, see your doctor and follow all advice given if you are on medication. Please don’t self-diagnose and use all the ingredients of the diet recommended, they work in combination.
Print this out and go shopping!
Grains: Buckwheat, millet (These two grains lower the inflammation and soften the lumps)
Vegetables: Aubergine, courgettes, cucumber, potato (not chips), squash, watercress, oyster mushroom (These vegetables regulate heat inside the body)
Fish: Anchovy (Tonic for the body and helps with pustules)
Fruit: Blueberries, orange peel (These two detox and help the circulation)
Beans: Blackeyed beans, broad beans, lentils (Support the constitution)
 Management of this skin condition
With this type of acne, besides wanting to cover it which you can do with cosmetics, the main issue is to avoid long term scarring which can happen and can be deep and difficult to remove.
If you are on antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor, get into the habit of adding orange peel to your drinks – it helps the body deal with the effects of the antibiotics.
Apart from medical intervention, go to a beautician and learn how to manage the spots with pus. You only need to go once, but they will show you how to deal with them professionally without spreading the infection.
If you have large areas of the face or body covered with this kind of acne, ask you doctor or a professional trained beautician to recommend you for laser treatment.
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